Bears mum on Akiem Hicks’s absence from practice on Tuesday

The Bears have plenty of questions. For some, there are answers. For others, there aren’t.

As to veteran defensive tackle Akiem Hicks, there’s an unanswered question about the fact that he didn’t practice on Tuesday.

“There’s no update,” coach Matt Nagy told reporters on Wednesday. “He’s back today. That’s the only thing that maters.”

Nagy was asked why Hicks missed practice on Tuesday.

“No update,” Nagy said.

Nagy was also asked whether Hicks, who has not spoken to reporters, has been an issue or a problem during camp.

“He’s been fine,” Nagy said. “We want him to come out and play good football. That’s all. You know what I mean? Go sack the quarterback and stop the run.”

It’s fair, in the absence of candor and transparency, to wonder what’s going on. Hicks received in permission in March to seek a trade. It didn’t happen.

Hicks more recently made it clear, through his agent, that he wants an extension. That hasn’t happened, either. Thus, to the extent that the player didn’t practice on a given day and isn’t injured, it’s hard not to wonder whether there’s a connection between the absence and the contract.